Wirkung Digitaler Augentropfen mit und ohne.

Also on modern Flat Screens, LCDs and Tablets:

Working at a screen indisputably places extreme strain on your eyes, as the necessary blinking is suppressed when staring concentratedly at the screen.

Dry eyes: blurred vision

Without regular lid closure, the tear film on the cornea becomes uneven. Refraction is impaired:
Your vision becomes blurred, like viewing something through a dirty window.

Moist eyes: clear vision

Regular lid closure distributes the tear film evenly over the cornea.
This enables you to see clearly, as through a clean window.

Since blinking on purpose regularly is difficult to achieve in everyday life, Blinzle was designed to meet the recommendation of doctors for an increased blinking rate during computer sessions.

Effectiveness of Blinzle.

Why is Blinzle superior?

Tear film and cornea are responsible for 71.67% of your visual acuity (in air). Blinzle helps to maintain this tear film – thereby protecting your natural vision.
The cornea remains moist and protected, even when working at the screen for longer periods.

Dryness, infections, germs, viruses and pathogens are more easily repelled by an intact tear film, and your natural visual function is preserved.

Effectiveness of Blinzle:

Blinzle ensures regular lid closure – and thereby moist, protected eyes that can perform at their best.

The mode of action was researched at the eye clinic at the University of Tübingen. The study confirmed:

Lid closure activity
while working at the screen
is successfully stimulated.

  • Blinking impulses cause
    an indirect reaction.
  • Lid closure activity is increased by an average of 139%.
  • The homogeneity of the lid closure activity is improved.

” The increase and influence of the frequency of lid closure activity by animation using visual stimuli is (...) possible. The stimulation used appears to be sufficient to again increase the activity reduced by working at the screen to a level that at least matches the lid closure frequency when at rest.” Dr. F. Ziemssen: ”das therapeutische Prinzip - Lidschlagaktivität während der Bildschirmarbeit” (The therapeutic principle - lid closure activity during work at a screen) / der Ophthalmologe 9, 2005 © Springer Medizin Verlag.

The pleasant effect can be felt after only a few days

- in that the discomfort does NOT occur or much later and to a lesser extent. Infections, reduced vision, chronic complaints are reduced.

Augenarzt beratet Patient.
  • You see better,
    your eyes become tired less quickly.
  • No burning, itching and redness of the eyes due to drying out.
  • No staring at the screen.
  • No “creeping into” the computer as a result of compensation for reduced visual function (e.g blurred vision).