Constant eye strain at the computer:

At the computer screen we concentrate so much on work
that we unconsciously suppress blinking: Our eyes begin to dry out in just a few minutes!

vicious circle of eye strain during work at a screen.

„Vicious circle of eye strain during work at a screen”

Suppressed blinking leads
to a chain reaction
of complaints:

  • The protective tear film on your eyes becomes irregular, until it breaks. Vision through an irregular tear film becomes fuzzy and blurred.
  • The body attempts to compensate for the reduced visual function, resulting in eye problems, headaches and tiredness.
  • Leaning forward - the well-known "creeping into the computer" - leads to neck and back tension.

Your eyes dry out this quickly:

You generally blink at images 5–7. The graphic shows a well-moistened cornea at this point in time. Evaporation then starts, and the tear film becomes thinner and finally breaks up. When working at a screen however, you only blink at images 10 and above. Your eyes are left unprotected and begin to dry out.

Foreign objects and pathogens (e.g. germs, viruses) can easily reach the surface of your eyes. In the long term, this can lead to infections, reduced vision and chronic complaints.

Your vision evaporates this quickly:

Studies show that effectiveness at the screen falls by 17% and more within the first 30 minutes if visual acuity is not optimal. Frequency of errors increases, accuracy is reduced, and considerable loss of productivity occurs.

Did you get used to limited vision already?