Blinzle Digital Eye Drops - protect eyes from the damaging effects of computer screen usage

Blinzle is best for protecting your eyes
from the damaging effects of computer screens.

It counteracts the undesirable effects by

activating the body's own protection

of the eyes:

the natural blinking of the eyelids.

By stimulating you to blink,

the software protects your eyes from drying

out and from subsequent damage.

Wirkung wissenschaftlich getestet

Blinzle Digital Eye Drops ® is a category 1 medical product.

Superior protection from any screen.

Digital Eye Drops (enlarged)

After a short time, when concentration begins to overstrain the eyes (staring), you react to Blinzle with regular, healthy blinking. By doing so, dryness on the cornea is avoided – even when your attention is on your work and you remain unaware of Blinzle.
Your eyes will appreciate it.

On any screen, even latest
flat screens and tablets:

The effectiveness of Blinzle unfolds on any type of screen.

How does Blinzle work?

Conveniently adjusting to your work the Blinzle software creates optical impulses. These Digital Eye Drops blink on your screen and encourage your eyes to blink in a healthy manner.

Blinking eye drops?

Blinzle Digital Eye Drops significantly increase blinking over the duration of a computer session, stopping the one-sided eye strain for your eyes.

How does this help?

A regular rate of blinking is necessary for a healthy eye: the tear film remains intact and your cornea is protected from drying out. The eye can fend off foreign bodies and germs optimally. Your natural vision is maintained.

What is my benefit?

You can see better. Your eyes remain healthy longer - naturally. Typical eye complaints at the screen (pain, clouded, blurry vision, dryness) are avoided or noticeably reduced.
You can work free of strain longer and with better concentration.

When does it take effect?

Each time you work at your computer.
Not every flash directly stimulates an eye-blink. Medical studies, however, show a measurably increased rate of blinking by up to 139%.

How do I feel the effect?

The effect becomes particularly noticeable when sitting at the screen for longer periods of time, especially because complaints do not arise.