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I.  Terms of use

II. Privacy policy

Last updated 08.12.2012

Please note: The information on this website provides suggestions and assistance for your health. The information cannot and should not replace a consultation with your doctor or pharmacist. Prescribed medication and treatment measures should under no circumstances be changed or stopped without consulting your doctor. Please consult your doctor or pharmacist should you have questions regarding self-medication. They will be pleased to be of assistance.
Consult your doctor or pharmacist!

Please understand that we are only able to provide general information about the eye. Unfortunately, we cannot answer individual questions such as "My eyes are red, what should I do?" In cases such as these, please consult your ophthalmologist.

I. Terms of use

1. By visiting and browsing through this website you accept these terms and conditions as the exclusively binding terms and conditions. Pharmini may amend these terms and conditions by updating this notice at any time. Such amendments will be binding on you, which is why you should visit this site regularly to know the most recent version.

2. When browsing through this website you may download information from this website, such as texts, images, audio signals and videos exclusively for non-commercial use. Any dissemination, modification, transmission, exploitation, sending or use of such information for public or commercial purposes shall be subject to Pharmini's written consent.

3. If the information you have downloaded contains any copyright or other proprietary notes you must maintain and reproduce the same. Unless stated otherwise, all you see or read on this website is protected by copyright and shall only be used as defined in these terms and conditions or according to the information included in the text of the website, subject to Pharmini's written consent. Pharmini does not warrant or represent that rights of third parties will not be infringed by your use of the material presented on the site.

4. Save for the consent mentioned above you shall not be granted or transferred any licence or right to the information or a copyright by whomsoever.

5. Pharmini's website may contain or refer to trademarks, patents, proprietary information, technologies, products or processes. You shall neither be granted a licence nor a right to such trademarks, patents, business secrets, technologies, products, processes or other trademark rights.

6. Despite Pharmini's efforts to ensure correctness and accuracy of the information contained on the website, the website may include technical inaccuracies or printing errors. Therefore, Pharmini warrants neither correctness nor accuracy of the information contained on the website and assumes no liability for errors or omissions regarding the information contained on the website. Pharmini shall not be liable for a particular quality of the information or suitability of the same for a specific purpose or for non-infringement by use of the information. In addition, Pharmini reserves the right to modify, correct and/or improve the information and the products and programs described in such information at any time without prior notice.

7. The information on the website serves the purpose of information about physiological reactions of the human eye and describes a medical device that was developed specifically to achieve the desired effect. Consequently, Pharmini assumes no liability for damage to health caused by any different use of the information contained on the website.

8. Pharmini assumes no responsibility or liability for damage or bugs that might affect your computer, your equipment or other property due to your access to or use of the website.

9. Any communication or material you transmit to this website by electronic mail or in a different way (except for the information that is protected under the Privacy Policy), including data, questions, comments, proposals or the like sent at the same time, will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary information. All you communicate or transmit shall become the property of Pharmini and may be used for all purposes, including reproduction, disclosure, transmission, publication, broadcasting and sending. In addition, Pharmini shall be entitled to use ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in a communication you sent to the website at its own discretion, in particular for improving, developing, producing or marketing products.

10. Where the website refers to other products or services this shall constitute no promise that such a product or service is available for the user now or will be available in future.

11. Pharmini shall not be responsible for websites of third parties with links to this website or other sites linked to the website. Consequently, Pharmini assumes no liability for any links from this website to other sites and shall, above all, not be responsible for accuracy or lawfulness of the contents of such sites. Pharmini assumes no liability for consequences arising from any violation of or non-compliance with the data protection obligations of third parties. If you intend to link your website to this website you may only set a link to the homepage. You are not permitted to set a link to other sites within this website without Pharmini's prior written consent.

12. If you have violated any of the provisions of these terms and conditions Pharmini shall be entitled to stop the abuse and prevent the user from using the services offered by Pharmini. In addition, Pharmini shall be entitled at its discretion to delete any information, data and contents published by the user on the website at any time without prior notice. Pharmini assumes no liability for any consequences arising from such action.

13. You shall be obliged to indemnify and hold harmless Pharmini from and against all legal claims, losses, liabilities, actions, court or administrative proceedings including costs in the event that you violate any rights of Pharmini or third parties due to abuse of trademarks, trade names, copyrights or patents, trademark dilution, unfair competition, defamation or damage to reputation or other impairment of business in connection with use of services provided on this website, such as discussions, chats, mailings or transmissions.

II. Privacy policy

This Data Protection Agreement defines in what way Pharmini will collect, store and use details of visitors to this website. By visiting this website you agree that Pharmini will collect and use data in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.

Pharmini shall be entitled to modify or amend this Agreement at any time. However, Pharmini shall always treat your personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Agreement applicable at the time the data is collected.

These data protection provisions apply to all products, services and websites of Pharmini and its partner companies.

Pharmini may collect the following types of information:

  • Information provided by yourself - when you register you will be asked to provide personal data. Your administrator has access to all account information, including your e-mail address. For further information please read the data protection provisions of your domain administrator.

  • Cookies and tags - when you retrieve the website one or several cookies will be sent to your computer or the device via which you retrieve the services. A "cookie" is a small data file which is sent to your browser and will be stored on your computer's hard disk. Cookies will not damage your computer. By default, cookies are accepted by most browsers. However, you can choose settings with your browser to either reject all cookies or to show a message when a cookie is sent. Some functions may, however, not work properly if your cookies have been deactivated.

  • Protocol data - when you access the website via a browser, an application or a different client software, certain information will be stored automatically. Such server protocols may include the following information: your web enquiry, your interaction with a service, your IP address (Internet Protocol Address), browser type, browser language, date and time of your enquiry and one or several cookies clearly identifying your browser and your account.

  • Communication with users - when you send an e-mail or any other communication, such message may be stored in order to process your enquiry, answer questions or improve our services.

  • Other websites - the website may include links to other websites that might be of interest to the visitors to this website. This Data Protection Agreement exclusively refers to this website and not to any third-party websites. This Data Protection Agreement exclusively applies to data collected by Pharmini.

    Pharmini has no control over other websites where Pharmini or its products are quoted, presented or advertised. Those other websites may store their own cookies or other files on your computer, collect data or obtain personal information from you.

In addition, Pharmini will use the collected data for the following purposes:

  • providing, maintaining, protecting and improving the services, including advertising campaigns and developing new services and

  • protecting the rights or title of Pharmini or its users.

    If Pharmini intends to use such information for any purpose other than the purpose for which it was collected you will be asked for your approval before such information will be used.

1. Data protection commitment

The terms "personal data" or "personal details" as used in this Agreement refer to details such as your name, date of birth, e-mail address, postal address or phone number, which may be used for your identification. In general, your personal data will only be processed as described herein. However, Pharmini reserves the right to make further evaluations to the extent permitted by law or to support police or judicial investigations.

2. Designated use of personal data

Most of Pharmini's services require no registration; that means that you can use this website without having to state your identity. When acquiring a licence it will, however, be necessary for you to open an account and to provide Pharmini with personal data. In such situations certain parts of the website may not be accessible by you if you do not provide the required data and your enquiry cannot be processed.
Accordingly, Pharmini may ask for personal details to be able to provide certain products or services, to charge products or services ordered or to offer you products or services which Pharmini believes might be of interest to you or to communicate with you for obvious reasons or for the reasons stated when asking for the relevant data.

3. Confidentiality of personal data

Pharmini shall neither sell nor pass on personal data to third parties or disseminate them in any other way, except for the reasons stated in this Data Protection Agreement. Pharmini shall be entitled to pass on personal data to other partner companies allover the world that agree to treat the data in compliance with this Data Protection Agreement. Personal data may also be passed on to third parties acting on behalf of Pharmini for further processing for the purpose for which the data was initially collected or for other legitimate purposes, such as provision of services, reviewing usefulness of this website and supporting of marketing, data processing or technical support. Contracts were concluded with those third parties, which contracts provide for exclusive use of personal data for the contractually agreed purpose and prohibit sale or passing on of your personal data to third parties (except if required by law, upon approval or in accordance with this Data Protection Agreement). Your personal data that was collected may also be passed on to third parties if the entity that physically keeps the data in a data centre is sold, transferred or taken over. In that case Pharmini will put the purchaser, assignee or transferee under an obligation to treat such personal data in compliance with this Data Protection Agreement. In addition, personal data may be disclosed to third parties if Pharmini is forced by law, court decision or regulations to disclose the same or if such disclosure is required for other reasons to support police or judicial investigations or proceedings in Austria or abroad.

4. Right to access, correction and objection

Whenever processing personal data Pharmini shall take reasonable measures to ensure that your personal data will be up-to-date and correct for the original purpose. If you want to contact Pharmini with regard to use of your personal data or to prohibit processing of your personal data please send an e-mail to that effect to Pharmini. When contacting Pharmini please keep on hand the address of the website where you entered your data as well as the specific details you want to have corrected, updated or deleted as well as proof of identity. Requests for deletion of data shall be subject to the legal and ethical reporting, filing and archiving obligations imposed on us.

5. Data security and confidentiality

Data networks which are, inter alia, protected by firewalls in line with the industrial standard and passwords are used to warrant security and confidentiality of the personal data collected. When processing your personal data appropriate measures will be taken to protect your information against loss, abuse, unauthorised access, disclosure, modification and destruction.

6. Transmission of data abroad

Pharmini may transmit your data to any of the databases of a partner company outside your home country, possibly also to countries where data protection laws are less strict than those in your country.

7. Cookies and tags

Pharmini may collect and process information about your visit to this website, such as, e.g. the sites you visit, the website from which you reached our website and some of the search processes you carry out. Such information will be used to improve the website's contents. Those statistics serve internal market research purposes. To achieve those purposes "cookies" will be sent to your browser in which the user domain name, your internet provider, your operating system and the date and time of your access will be stored. Third-party services may be used to support collection and processing of the information described in this section.

Also "internet tags" (also known as "action tags", single-pixel GIFs, transparent GIFs, invisible GIFs or 1-by-1 GIFs) and cookies may be used that may also originate from advertising partners or web analysis enterprises, which may store relevant information (including your IP address) also abroad. Such tags/cookies may be part of online advertising via which users reach our website or of advertising on various pages of this website. Those techniques are used to measure the reactions of visitors to the website and effectiveness of advertising campaigns (including the number of site views and information viewed) and to analyse your use of the website. The third-party enterprises or web analysis enterprises which are able to collect data on the visitors to this and other websites on the basis of those tags/cookies may prepare reports for Pharmini on the activity of the website and offer additional services related to use of the website and the internet. They may also make available such information to other parties if required by law or if they instruct other parties to process such information on their behalf.

8. Personal data and minors

Most of the services offered on this website address persons 18 years and up. Pharmini shall not knowingly collect, use or pass on personal data of minors without obtaining prior approval from a person having custody (parent or guardian) through direct contact outside the internet. Pharmini will inform that person about the exact nature of personal data of the minor that has been collected and grant that person an opportunity to object to any further collection, processing or storage of such information.

9. Links to other websites

Pharmini will make sure that websites to which a link is set on this website will meet the highest demands. However, due to the nature of the internet, data protection standards of other websites to which we set links cannot be warranted. Likewise, we cannot be answerable for the contents of other websites, except for the ones on which you find this agreement.

10. Contact

If you have any questions or complaints about our compliance with this Data Protection Agreement or if you want to make statements or comments on improvement of the quality of our data protection policy, please send us an e-mail (contact).