Blinzle 1.6 available

We just released the latest version of Blinzle! Both Blinzle and Blinzle for Business are available for download.

What's new?

Blinzle optainable in German pharmacies.

As of today, Blinzle® is available in all German pharmacies and their online-stores for only € 5,95 for a 2-months license.

Blinzle for Business 1.5 released

+ Performance improvements
+ Option to register manually
+ Improved auto-proxy support
+ Adding support for self signed certificates

Minor fixes.

Blinzle 1.4 released

+ Option to register manually
+ Improved auto-proxy support
Bugfix: on some computers Blinzle 1.2 may report that the free trial has expired prematurely.
Minor fixes.

Remark: there is no Blinzle Version 1.3 (except for the Business edition).

Blinzle for Business now publicly available

Blinzle for Business is finally available for everyone to download and try - free of charge for 14 days.
Check out the new version!

If you are interested in becoming a distribution partner, please contact our support.

Blinzle 1.2 released

Improved resource usage.
Fixed a bug which did not save user mode selection until the next restart.
Upgraded windows installer technology to fully support windows 8.1.

Blinzle for Business 1.2 released

Blinzle for Business 1.2 has been released today.
If you wish to upgrade, please contact our support to obtain the update package.

What's new?
Ssl will be added by default during installation if your server is not yet configured to do so.
Customization of the Blinzle client setup has been further automated.

Blinzle on the 4th Viennese Vision Day

On this largest event of its kind in Austria, with about 7,000 visitors, we took the opportunity to present our completely new way to counter eye problems on the computer and therewith gathered not only keen interest but also good feedback from ophthalmologists as well as customers.

Connectivity issues of our Website

Our ISP is trying to solve latency issues in our district since Friday morning. That is why our site's response is lagging or unreachable.
We appologize for any troubles!

Blinzle 1.1 released

+ Improved checking for updates.
+ Improved User Interface.
* Bug fix: installer would not restart Blinzle in all cases.

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