Anton F. Gatnar, editor in chief, Vienna, Austria: "I am using Blinzle for over six months now on desktop and laptop. Despite intensive computer activity my eye-complaints decreased considerably - I can warmly recommend Blinzle!"

Alice Flanitzer, Vienna, Austria: "Before using Blinzle, after an 8 hour workday my eyes burned and teared - as if I had walked through a sand storm. Reading books or watching TV in the evening was impossible without artificial tears. Since using Blinzle, I do not need artificial tears any more; my eyes are neither overworked nor irritated. When the program was uninstalled by mistake during a PC-update, it took only two days without Blinzle for these symptoms to return! Never, ever will I again use a PC without Blinzle!"

Sven Brunhart, Industrial Designer, Liechtenstein: "3D-modeling is precision work. You need a keen eye for it, and most of the time it takes hours. It does get a lot easier with Blinzle turned on.“

Astrid Höltl, M.D., General Practitioner/Ostheopath, Vienna: "What makes Blinzle so valuable are the simple and painless application and the impossibility of forgetting or falsely applying the drops.”

Mag. Ingo Braun, Lawyer: "Intensive research, extensive documents, pleading-correction.
You´ll realize pretty soon that all of this can´t be so good for your eyes. Blinzle´s natural effectiveness is the best.“

Tim-Lauris Pfeiffer, Cutter: "Long nights in the studio don´t make my eyes as red and especially not as swollen as before. What´s compelling: I need not have to care about it!"

Ludwig, Gamer: "GJ - your drop is top!”

Stephanie d´Argenlieu, Marseilles: "Up and running within a minute - with 3 kids, you´ll appreciate everything that´s efficient.“

Marie Hartenau, M.D., Vienna: "It´s natural. It´s simple. It´s safe. It´s been tested by colleagues in Germany. All for a fair price - that´s as good as it gets! It would be quite something if health insurances covered Blinzle.“

Roswitha Jäger, M.D.; School Doctor, Salzburg: "Considering the changes in juvenile and adolescent life, all that stops damage to the eyes is necessary.“

Rene Frazee, Teacher, Colorado: “So amazingly simple! Finally, there is a healthy option to protect my eyes without the use of medicine!"

Ellen Macoratti, Teacher, Chicago: "Work really does get done more comfortably than before. Long hours in front of the computer aren't as painful to my eyes as they used to be. What a relief!"

Christian Hofer, Hotelier, Kitzbühel: “Being in the service industry means always being fresh and fit, no matter how long your hours are going to be. Blinzle helps us more than we would have thought. I was surprised.“

Carl Eugen Hoyos, Software Specialist: “What counts in enterprise solutions are security, costs and compatibility. We were amazed at how easily Blinzle harmonizes with customer systems.“

DI Nikolaus Czernohorsky, Entrepreneur: "We had trial versions on laptops for 2 weeks. Almost all employees preferred the laptops to the more comfortable monitors during that period. That convinced us. We have since upgraded all workstations.“

Elfriede Schnögass, Retired: "For computer-amateurs like us, the PC-world is often incomprehensible. Nevertheless, I was able to install Blinzle immediately. I'm very happy with it. It works perfectly.“