Protects the vision
of your business.


Clear vision = good performance

Studies show that productivity at the screen falls by 17% within the first 30 minutes if vision is not optimal. Frequency of errors increases, accuracy is reduced, and considerable loss of productivity occurs.
Above all, vision is compromised by the one-sided eye strain (staring) at the computer.

Stay on the job: easily!

Blinzle helps to ensure that the output of your staff and employees remains constant for longer. Particularly when longer periods of concentration are important for the outcome (finance, data entry, CAD, etc.), Blinzle can improve productivity.

Also on state of the art flat screens and tablets


+ Improved precision,
+ more concentration during tiring work such as
   data processing, bookkeeping, engineering, image
   processing, spreadsheet applications and much more.


+ Reduced error frequency, lowered health costs.
+ Fewer eye complaints,
+ fewer problems of the locomotory system (avoidance of
   tense body position).

-> Healthier employees.


+ Heightened concentration, improved performance,
+ improved sense of well-being has a positive effect
   on motivation and company culture.


That‘s what Blinzle can do for you, your employees and for your business.

Increase the productivity of your business! And make a long-term, sustainable contribution to the health of your staff.

It's as simple as that.

Blinzle for Business

Our business edition for networks with multiple computers combines:

+ the unique advantages of Blinzle for occupational health,
+ seamless integration into your business infrastructure,
+ Blinzle Business Server included
   for easy administration of Blinzle clients,
+ Business Server works in virtualized environments,
+ standardized installation (.msi) to ensure compatibility
   with state of the art software management solutions.

Blinzle Digital Eye Drops® is a category 1 medical product, specifically developed to promote healthy vision while working at a screen. Blinzle Digital Eye Drops® is protected by international patent treaties and offers superior protection and care for your eyes. For healthy vision.




You require 234 clients.

You receive:
- 1 Blinzle for Business Server
- 6 license-packs:
     2x Packs for 100 clients,
     3x Packs for 10 clients,
     1x Pack for 5 clients.
     In total 235 clients.
- 1 product key per pack

Install the Blinzle Business Server and enter the 6 product keys. Done.

(Although you receive multiple product keys,
you can use them all on a single Blinzle Business Server.)



Purchasing Blinzle for Business:

Blinzle for Business contains the number of Blinzle clients
you require and the Blinzle Business Server.

Blinzle for Business is available in license packs of 5, 10, 50, 100 or 500 clients.

Enter the number of client licenses you wish to purchase here:

Please enter the number of client licenses required.

NB: Blinzle Business is available as Download only.
Blinzle for Business is licensed for the number of clients purchased per computer and user for a full year after activation of the first client.
Includes all updates and upgrades to the latest version.